Wildwood Brewing

Extremely excited to announce our official partnership with Wildwood Brewing!

Wildwood Brewing Beer descriptions

Organic Mystical Stout
Mystical stout is an Irish style dry stout similar to that brewed by a renown brewery in County Cork, Ireland. Organic two row barley and black roasted malts give this beer a flavor and aroma reminiscent of coffee. This beer is easy drinking and user friendly.
13.2° Plato original gravity, approximately 5.4% alc./vol.

Organic Bodacious Bock
Bodacious Bock is a traditional German spring bock. Three organic malts are employed to give a complexity which hints of honey. Only German noble hops from the Hallertau region are used for a soft bitterness and floral aroma. It is decoction mashed in the old world tradition. This is a strong beer, imbiber beware!
16° Plato original gravity, approximately 7.5% alc./vol.

Organic White Bark Wheat Ale
White Bark Wheat Ale is a classic Bavarian wheat beer, often called Weiss Bier or Hefe-Weizen. This beer is fermented with a special yeast from Southern Germany which lends some banana and clove flavors. These flavors are created naturally by the yeast, there are no additives. Only certified organically grown wheat and barley malts are used and a double decoction mash program in the tradition of German brewmasters.                       13.5 °Plato original gravity ~ 5.6% alc./vol.

Organic Ambitious Pale Lager
Ambitious Pale Lager is a classic Munich style lager. Only certified organically grown barley malts are used. It is cold conditioned, well balanced between malt and German noble hops.
12° Plato original gravity, 5% alc./vol.

Organic Krumholz Dark Wheat – in the tanks…coming soon

Organic Loquacious Duck – ‘fall seasonal’
Loquacious Duck is a classic German Dopplebock. Malty rich, very subtle hop character. A good choice when trying to keep warm on those cold Montana nights!
18°Plato original gravity ~ 8.5% Alc./vol.