Alaskan Brewing Co. Adds Two New IPA’s

Alaskan Brewing Company has added two new IPA’s it portfolio. The first is an Icy Bay IPA which is made from glacier-fed water and a blend of Summit, Apollo and Cascade hops and premium two-row pale and specialty malts. Our water originates in the 1,500-square-mile Juneau Ice Field and from more than 90 inches of rainfall each year.

65 IBU’s

6.8% ABV

Food Pairings: The pronounced hop flavor makes this style of beer refreshing and a delicious accompaniment to grilled prawns and spicy foods.

The Story Behind the Label:

The surfers who ride the waves around Yakutat and Icy Bay have to be prepared for all of the extremes that come with Alaska’s maritime climate. That can mean air temperatures well below freezing, and water temperatures not too much higher. It’s sometimes called blue face surfing, and it requires a special breed of adventurer to seek out the rugged shorelines that yield the best breaks.

Alaskan Icy Bay IPA comes from the heritage of a beer brewed to endure the long ocean journey from England to India, with a bold taste, brisk bitter bite, and a citrus hoppy aroma. For the surfers who venture into the cold waters of Icy Bay, it’s a beer to match the intensity of a remote ride on a wave breaking on a solitary Alaskan beach.

Where to Purchase:

  • Double Front Lounge- Missoula
  • Grizzly Grocery- Missoula
  • Hamilton’s IGA- Hamilton
  • Hennessy Market- Butte
  • Jefferson IGA- Whitehall
  • Lolo Harvest Foods- Lolo
  • Madison Foods- Ennis
  • Orange Street Food Farm- Missoula
  • Pattee Creek Market- Missoula
  • Rosauers- Missoula
  • Super 1 Foods- Stevensville, Hamilton & Polson
  • The Mini- Dillon
  • Zootow Super Stop- Missoula

Next up we have the Hopthermia Double IPA which is A full-flavored representation of the Double IPA style with a robust malt body resting in easy harmony, like a massive grizzly bear in winter, with the big and drinkable American hop character. Nugget and Apollo hops added in the brew kettle provide a green, floral aroma and citrus hop base, while the later addition of Amarillo, Citra, and Centennial hops add notes of spicy grapefruit and orange – complimenting the resilient malt profile.

70 IBUs

8.5% ABV

Food Pairing: Pairs best with large wild game that you have caught with your bare hands. Also goes well

with the big flavors of Thai food, gourmet pizzas, sharp cheeses, and bitter green salads.

The Story Behind the Label:

The legend of Hopothermia begins as any Alaskan tale should, on a frozen landscape with wolves howling and a vast dark moonless sky of swirling Northern Lights above. It was on that long-ago night that a lone brewer stood against the harsh winds with only his beard to protect him, and dreamt of a beer so full of hop flavor, so jam packed with the spirit of frontier Alaska, it could freeze your very soul and one of your thumbs.
All that winter, as moose, wolverines, and one beaver peered through his remote cabin window, he feverishly labored to make a beer that could face down the harsh elements – that could conquer not only thirst – but fear itself.
After the thaw, the lone brewer had vanished, leaving behind only a few recipes scrawled on scraps of paper, a sock puppet, and a  hand-whittled keg. In that keg he left his legacy – Hopothermia.
Respect this beer. Wear layers. Lots of wool. Mittens? Open a bottle and then, sshh . . . Listen for the windswept cry of a lone wolf.

Where to Purchase:

  • Good Food Store- Missoula
  • Hamilton’s IGA- Hamilton
  • Liquid Planet- Missoula
  • Orange Street Food Farm- Missoula
  • Pattee Creek Market- Missoula
  • Summer Sun Garden and Brew- Missoula
  • Wordens Market- Missoula