Our company has made a commitment to both our employees and the communities in which we operate to take a lead role in the prevention of underade drinking, promoting responsible drinking to legal age consumers, communicating the message of responsibility to our employees and taking an active role with local organizations concerning prevention and responsibility.

Our underage drinking prevention program involves providing ID booklets to customers, DUI task force, local TIPS and MT DOR trainers. We also provide wrist bands to special events that we sponsor. Our team attends Missoula Underage Substance Abuse Prevention (MUSAP) meetings, and we make sure that our customers have point of sale items in their stores to support the prevention of underage purchases.

Promoting responsible drinking to legal age consumers is done by promoting our responsibility message on all point of sale that we produce in-house, including a “please drink responsibly” tagline on any media message. We’ve partnered with KXLF, FOX, & KPAX TV promoting responsible drinking messages during newscasts around major holidays and events.

We have taken the initiative and put together an extensive in house responsibility training for both new employee orientation and current employees. We’ve had over 50 employees become TIPS certified. Most importantly we’ve given employees free ride home tickets, to use anytime they don’t feel comfortable getting behind the wheel.

Community Responsibility Programs

Home Safe Missoula
Many Missoula bars and restaurants participate in Home Safe Missoula. If patrons who drove a vehicle to the participating location feel they are not sober enough to get themselves home safely, they may ask the bartender and receive a $ 10.00 voucher for a taxicab ride home. The program is supported by the participating establishments, local alcohol beverage distributors and the Missoula DUI Task Force. To become a participating establishment call 406-203-4121. Forty-eight licensed establishments in Missoula participate in this program.