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“Small Town, Big Beer” is Philipsburg Brewing Company’s moto and we at Summit Beverage are excited to announce that we have added this small town brewery to our portfolio. Philipsburg Brewing which is located in Philipsburg, Montana, first opened its door back in 2012 with the idea of providing quality, hand crafted beers. The brewery prides itself in using only the finest Montana malt and local mountain spring water to craft their beer.

Beginning August 1st we will be offering Tramway Rye PA, Otter Water Summer Pale Ale and Razzu! Raspberry Wheat on draft. A month later Tramway and Otter Water will be available in 16oz aluminum pint bottles.

Tramway Rye PA

OG: 1062 ABV: 6.4% IBU: 75

Tramway is our take on a Northwest India Pale Ale: bold, hoppy, and strong. We give the traditional recipe a tweak, though, and use malted Rye from Oregon to impart a subtle, complex spiciness that interacts well with the blend of Cascade, Centennial, and Chinook hops we use for flavoring and aroma. The citrus blast you receive when you dip your sniffer into the glass comes from dry-hopping the serving tank with whole-leaf Chinook hops. When first introduced, a local entrepreneur was seen embracing the brewer, exclaiming, “I never thought I’d hug a liberal, but this is amazing beer!” The original Tramway was constructed in 1889 (one year after the completion of the Sayrs building that now houses the brewery) to haul ore from Granite to the Bi-Metallic Mill. It was 9750 feet long, the largest in the country at that time.

Otter Water Summer Pale Ale

OG: 1040 ABV: 4.5% IBU: 25

Our newest seasonal is perfect for those hot days when floating on your back in a Montana river sounds like the perfect way to spend an afternoon. Otter Water is an extra-pale, extra-refreshing session pale ale that delivers crisp citrus hop flavor without the bitterness of an IPA or traditional pale. Low alcohol and high quaffability will let you have an afternoon beverage without needing a nap.

Razzu! Raspberry Wheat

OG: 1042 ABV: 5.2% IBU: 5

Light and crisp, this unique ale utilizes a touch of wheat and nearly one hundred pounds of real Oregon raspberries for a tart, refreshing fruit beer. “Razzu” is a highly local term meaning exceptional or superior. This beer is a favorite of teachers, loggers, and light-beer enthusiasts everywhere.


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